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News & Seminars

  March 2017 - The Challenge Of Straightening Zirconium Fuel Clad Tube
The Challenge of Straightening Zirconium Fuel Clad Tubing.
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  November 2016 - Model 920 Straightening Head fitted to Older Model AXY Machine
This customer had several Model AXY machines in service and decided to equip one of them with a Model 920 modern straightening head.
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  September 2016 - Straightening Line For Zirconium Fuel Tube Now Fully Commissioned
Another complete straightening line for nuclear zirconium fuel clad tubing has now been fully commisioned at the customers plant.
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  July 2016 - Another Fuel Clad Tube Straightening Line Ready To Ship
Turner have just completed the build and testing of another precision straightening line for processing Nuclear Zirconium Fuel Clad Tubing.
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  April 2016 - Straightening Automotive Door Side Impact Beams
April 2016 - Straightening Automotive Door Side Impact Beams. Side Impact Beams are normally made from heat treated 4140 steel tube and give great rigidity preventing side intrusion under during collisions.
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  January 2016 - Straightening Zirconium Fuel Tubing
Turner is a leading supplier of machinery for straightening Zirconium Nuclear Fuel Clad Tubing.
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  October 2015 - Nuclear Tube Straightening Contracts
We are pleased to announce further contracts for straightening nuclear tubing in Asia.
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  June 2015 - New Videos Available - 10-Roll Models 912.5 & WS106HD CASAM
We have now released two new videos showing our 10 Roll Models 912.5 and WS106HD.
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  May 2015 - Custom Machinery - Dual Model 916 Straightening Heads
We recently Engineered a custom version of our Model 916 Machine.
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  April 2015 - Revised YouTube Channel
Our YouTube channel has been revised and more videos added. Visit our YouTube Channel
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  April 2014 - New 10-Roll Design Model 912.5 CASAM
Following on from the success with the smaller Model 911.25 10 Roll precision Straightener, we have now extended that design philosophy to the larger Model 912.5.
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  October 2013 - Supply of Machine For Gun Drill Manufacture
Turner has built and shipped a specially configured machine to the gun drill manufacturing industry.
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  August 2013 - Turner Ships More 10 Roll Machines To Stainless Industry.
Confidence in Turner from the Stainless Steel tube industry reaches new high as more precision tube straightening machines are shipped to our customers.
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  December 2012 - New Integrated Straightening Line For Nuclear Industry
Turner has recently shipped a completely integrated straightening line to the Nuclear Industry.
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  July 2012 - Turner Consults For Customers Straightening Machine Problems
Embarrassed customers call on Turner to solve straightening problems on machinery supplied by a competing supplier.
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  June 2012 - Recent Machine Deliveries
2011 and the first half of 2012 have seen an upsurge in the demand for Turner straightening machinery and straightening expertise
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  June 2011 - Rebuild 940 Machine
We recently finished a major rebuild and re-engineering of a Mackintosh-Hemphill Model 940 Tube Straightening Machine
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  May 2011 - Turner Books New Machine Orders
Significant new machine orders have been booked by Turner as many areas of the world's tube industry gain momentum after the recession.
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  March 2011 - Machines Available From Stock
Turner have a number of straightening machines available on short delivery times.
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  May 2009 - Video Section Added To Website
A new video section has been added to our web site.
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  May 2009 - Extended Warranty On New Machines
Turner is now offering an extended 5 year warranty on all new straightening machines.
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  Oct 2008 - Turner 900 Series Straightening Head Core Exchange Program
Turner is now operating a "straightening head" core exchange program for models 912.5, 914.5, 916, 920 922 and model 924 rotary tube straightening machines.
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  Aug 2008 - Precision 10 Roll Machine In The Czech Rebublic.
A second Turner model WS104 CASAM II precision 10 roll tube straightener has been commissioned in the Czech Republic.
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  Mar 2008 - Model 911.25 in Production
The worlds smallest 10 roll computer driven precision straightening machine is now in full production.
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  Mar 2008 - Factory Acceptance Tests Completed On Time
Several precision 10 roll CASAM driven tube straightening machines destined for the Sandvik company have completed their Factory Acceptance Tests.
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  Feb 2008 - Smallest Precision Straightener Tests Completed
The new Model 911.25 10 roll CASAM powered miniature straightening machine has now very successful completed all of its performance trials .
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  Jan 2008 - Model 911.25 Runs First Customer Trials
The worlds smallest tube straightening machine has performed very well during its first trials on a customers tube.
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  Jan 2008 - Miniature 10 Roll M/c - Roll out and First Tests Completed
The new Model 911.25 10 roll CASAM powered miniature tube straightening machine has been rolled out of assembly and successfully completed its first running tests.
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  Sep 2007 - Sandvik Chomutov invest in Turner.
Sandvik Chomutov have placed a second WS104PS CASAM II machine on order.
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  Sep 2007 - Precision straightener for Italy
Turner have secured a further 10 roll precision straightening machine for Italy.
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  Aug 2007 - Sandvik invest in precision straightening.
AB Sandvik have contracted with Turner to install a new 10 roll machine CASAM straightening machine.
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  Jul 2007 Singapore special straightening machine in production.
July 2007 - The new specialized straightening machine installed in Singapore is now in production.
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