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January 2016 - Straightening Zirconium Fuel Tubing

Our Zirconium Fuel Clad straightening machine users include, Korean Nuclear Fuels. Global Nuclear Fuels, Nuclear Energy Industry Corporation, Westinghouse, Sandvik to name a few.

The most modern 10 Roll machinery are now more often used than the older 6 Roll machines.

A typical Turner 10 Roll CASAM machine for Zirconium Nuclear Tubing guarantees the following performance.

Tube Material:                            Cold Pilgered / Annealed Zirconium Alloys

Tube Sizes:                                4.0 mm to 18 mm Outside Diameter.

Tube Wall Thickness:                   0.30 mm to 1.00 mm

Tube Material Yield Strength:        Up to circa 650 MPa

Maximum Outgoing Bend:            < 1 mm per 1200 mm

Change In Tube OD:                    < 0.005 mm

Zirc Hydride Orientation:              < 0.3 Fn40

Nuclear Straightening History – Our Nuclear History Spreads Over 4 Decades.

Turner has long been known as a leader in straightening machine innovation and our Nuclear Tube making customers benefit from features that maintain straightening performance on Zirconium.

A major problem of cold working zirconium is that during operation the susceptibility for Hydride Orientation [HO]can increase many fold.

The prevention of resulting HO is a major problem and necessitates that the amount of pressure applied to the tube during straightening is kept to a very low level.

Specific rolls are fitted with load cells equipped with electronic strain gages.

The  load cells monitor the direct pressure applied to the tube during straightening and enables the operator to see the pressure being applied to the tube.

Load cell signal conditioning and amplification is carried out by custom electronic circuits, the resultant signals are fed to the CASAM hardware for monitoring and displayed on the CASAM VDU.

Should the load being applied to the tube be in excess of the set point maximum, then the operator is warned that the machine setting requires immediate attention.

CASAM is an acronym for Computer Aided Setting And Management.

The CASAM system is now in its 3rd decade of operation and with continual development is the standard by which  competing systems are judged.


Contact Turner

Contact Roy Page to find out more about Turner machinery for straightening Nuclear Tube.

Call (+1) 330 332 5821 Extension 112

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