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Machine Rebuilding & Retrofitting


Click here to request a quote on machine rebuilding & retrofitting.

We rebuild Mackintosh-Hemphill, Wyko & Turner machines back to near new condition. Each machine goes through the following process:

  • Steam clean the entire machine.
  • Tear down the machine to component level.
  • Dimensionally inspect all components.
  • Magnetic particle inspect all castings for cracks.
  • Replace or remanufacture all machined components to OEM tolerances.
  • Fit all new brass and bronze wearing parts.
  • Fit new or remanufacture all main drive components to OEM tolerances.
  • Re-cut roll profiles optimized for the customers product range.
  • Fit new roll bearings and seals.
  • Fit new or remanufacture all wearing parts in roll adjustment mechanisms.
  • Replace missing hand wheels, calibration scales and pointers.
  • Paint the rebuilt machine in customers chosen color.
  • Fully test the machine and then ship back to the customer.

You can rely on Turner to bring your straightening machines back to near new condition. We are the straightening experts ... It's all we do !

Model 912.5 6 Roll Machine Complete Rebuild

Model A1 Rebuilt

We recently rebuilt an older Mackintosh Hemphill Model A1. Many upgrades were applied to increase the accuraccy of setting up this unit.

Rebuild a Mackintosh Hemphill Model 940 6 Roll Straightener

This Mack-Hemp Model 940 is one of a pair of machines which have recently been completely rebuilt. Several important improvements were carried out including fitting replaceable cast iron bushes to the machine base and crown to hold the main Roll Frames. Also the addition of a digital counter to be able to set the amount of tube straightening Offset [tube Deflection or Bend] accurately.

Model AXY Rebuild

Turner rebuild many older Mackinstosh - Hemphill machines. Here are photos of a machine rebuilt for a copper and brass tube producer.

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