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Our History

Historical Summary

The history of Turner in Salem stretches back to the early 1960's when a local man, Mr. Doug Turner, founded the company as Doug Turner & Associates in South Lincoln Ave. From humble beginning Mr. Turner built up the company to be a strong and innovative engineering company.

In these early days, the company produced mining machinery, sub assemblies and carried out general machining work for local industry. Many well-known local names appeared in the order registers, including E. W. Bliss, a major mill building company.

On November 3rd 1972 Mr. George Baillie bought the company after the death of Mr. Doug Turner. He reorganized the company to pursue the custom built machinery market and the company was renamed Turner Machine Company.

The relationship with the Bliss company peaked in the early 1980's when Turner Machine became a significant subcontractor in the making of the Bliss "Mackintosh Hemphill" brand of tube straightening machinery. In 1985, Turner purchased the Mackintosh Hemphill tube straightening product line from E.W. Bliss.

The Mackintosh Hemphill range of machines had, itself, a long history and takes its name from the Pennsylvania company who first started making straightening machines in the 1940's. Turner continues to give service and support with rolls & spare parts to this brand with about 1,500 operational machines which are still in use with metal tube making companies.

In 1985 Turner was acquired by the Electric Furnace Company (EFCO) and was relocated to the EFCO industrial complex bounded by the West Wilson and Prospect Streets.

With a desire to add further types of straightening machinery to its range, Turner, in 1995 purchased the product lines of Wyko Equipments Ltd. England. With this acquisition Turner was able to offer bar straightening machines and computer controlled 10 roll precision tube machinery.

In 2003, the assets of Turner were purchased from EFCO by a management team.

Since 2003, the company has moved into a new era, constantly working to maintain our position as a world leader in straightening technology and maintaining strong relationships within the local Salem community and surrounding industry. See Historical Milestones shown below.

Historical Milestones

2015 / 2016

Turner continues to lead the field in the straightening of nuclear tubing especially when it comes to the control of roll loads applied to the tube. In 2015 and 2016 Turner delivered two new complete straightening lines for Zirconium Fuel Clad Tubing. These lines were installed in the USA and China.


The range of Turner precision straightening machines has been further extended with the new 10 Roll Model 912.5 CASAM driven machine with digital roll pressure sensing systems.


Turner celebrates 10 years as an independently owned company. March 31st 2013, marked the 10th Anniversary of Turner operating an a independent company.


Turner introduces straightening head core exchange scheme for 900 series tube straightening machines. -- Click the link to see the video.


Turner designs and puts into service the worlds' smallest 10 roll precision computer driven straightening machine. -- Click the link to see the video.


Turner relocates to 1433 Salem Parkway, Salem, Ohio 44460 USA


Turner introduces 10 roll versions of the 900 series tube straighteners.


Turner Management buys Turner assets from EFCO.


Turner rewrites CASAM system to run on MS Windows


Turner produces first US built CASAM straightener.


Turner purchases the Wyko product line from Wyko Equipments, Ltd. England. Engineers previously with Wyko continue working with Turner up to today.


Wyko installs the worlds first taper tube straightening machine driven by the CASAM system.


Wyko introduces CASAM the worlds' first computer setting system.


Turner purchases the Mackintosh Hemphill product line from E W Bliss


Doug Turner & Associates bought by Mr George Baille. Name changed to Turner Machine Company.


Wyko Equipments Ltd England introduces the first 10 roll precision cross roll straightening machine. This new development also embodied a Roll Pressure Sensing System based on the use of hydrostatic load cells.


Doug Turner founds Doug Turner & Associates an engineering company in Salem, Ohio. [Turner Machine Company]


Mackintosh Hemphill introduce the "900" series of cross roll tube straighteners.


Mackintosh Hemphill product line purchased by E.W Bliss who started building rotary straightening machines in Salem Ohio.


Mackintosh Hemphill introduce the "A" series of cross roll tube straighteners.


In October 1934 the renowned Pittsburgh, PA engineer Mr. Abramsen patented the rotary straightening machine. The worlds first production rotary tube straightening machine was built carrying the brand name Mackintosh Abramsen. Turner Machine Company traces its lineage and has engineering archives all the way back to this first machine. Through the early years Mackintosh Hemphill built a range of "6-Pillar" machines. A testament to the quality of engineering is that a few of these very early 6 roll machines continue in service into the 20th century.

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