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Machine Rebuilding Service (pdf, 861k)
Mackintosh-Hemphill and Turner 6-Roll Tube Straightening Machines

Straight Talk About Pipe and Tube (pdf, 3394k)
An overview of our product line along with a listing of models and specifications.

900 Series Core Exchange Program (pdf, 372k)
Turner machine is now operating a "Straightening Head" core exchange program for models 912.5, 914.5, 916, 920, 922 and 924 straightening machines.

Worlds' Smallest Computer Driven Tube Straightening Machine (pdf, 177k)
Turner continues to lead the world with high precision tube straightening machines. The latest addition is the model 911.25 which handles tube down to 0.040" [1 mm] outside diameter.

Why Do We Need Turner ? (pdf, 86k)
A read through this document will more than likely highlight issues in your plant and tell you that for sure you need to talk to Turner.

Recent Leaflets of Product & Services (pdf, 947k)
This is a collection of recent leaflets [flyers] which have been produced to show recent machines built and detail some of the services that Turner have available.

Rebuilt Model 940 (pdf, 2142k)
This older Mackintosh-Hemphill Model 940 machine was recently re-built back to new tolerances. We rebuild all Turner, Mackintosh-Hemphill and Wyko straightening machines.
Technical Information & Software
CASAM FAQ's (pdf, 39k)
Turner CASAM Tube Straightening Machines. A Few Frequently Asked Questions.

Offset (Deflection) Calculator (xls, 660k)
Calculate machine set up as it pertains to roll offset (material deflection) with this Excel spreadsheet. Macros will have to be enabled to use this spreadsheet.

Rolls for Tube Straightening Machines (pdf, 115k)
A three-page detail on the science of the roll - including roll profile, roll alignment, roll drive equipment, and roll wear

Setting up a 10-Roll Straightening Machine (pdf, 983k)
Ten steps to setting up the 10-roll machine, CASAM controlled or manual.

Straightening Of Alloy 690 PWR Steam Generator Tubing (pdf, 328k)
Straightening Of Alloy 690 PWR Steam Generator Tubing This document discusses the importance of not overworking Alloy 690 during the straightening process.

Why You Should Not Buy A Used Machine (pdf, 230k)
After, speaking with the experts you know that a machine will solve the customer complaint problem, you get a quote, but the machine is very expensive. So you head off searching for a used machine. This could be a bad move. The document explains in detail, why you should only buy a used straightening machine, if you know exactly what you are doing.


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