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The Turner CASAM system is recognized as the world leader in computer control of straightening machines. CASAM is an acronym for Computer Aided Setting And Management.

Developed 1988, the CASAM computer system was the worlds' first dedicated system to automatically set and manage a tube straightening machine. The system enables the straightening machine to be rapidly changed from one tube size to the next. When fitted to a fully motorized machine, CASAM can automatically change tube size in less than 1 minute.

CASAM provides very accurate roll positioning and ensures that each operator sets the machine with recorded, known to be good, roll positions. Tube quality is maintained from batch to batch due to using know good roll positions. Small batch production with many size changes per shift is now viable.

The majority of 6 and 10 roll tube straightening machines are now shipped equipped with CASAM.

After two decades of careful honing, the CASAM system is the most highly developed and user friendly system available.

Available on all Turner Tube, Bar and Roller section straightening machines.

Get it from Turner, experts in straightening ... It's all we do !

CASAM computer setting systems


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