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straightening tube, bar, and sections roll straightening machine

Turner Machine Company, Inc. offers several choices of straightening machinery for Tube Straightening, Bar Straightening, Pipe Straightening, and Section Straightening. Known also by the terms "tube straightener", "cross roll straightener", and "rotary straightener", Tube Straightening Machines work the material in precisely correct ways. Our range of straightening machines make them suitable for most tube, bar or sectional materials.

Mackintosh-Hemphill   Wyko

The heritage of our straightening experience goes back to the 1930ís. The extensive archives from Mackintosh Hemphill, Wyko & Turner are assembled into a single pool of detailed knowledge available to our experienced engineers as a source of reference and application data. We do not make other machinery, we concentrate on designing and manufacturing world class straightening machinery.

For users of Mackintosh Hemphill and Wyko tube straightening machines, we are your source of rolls and parts. Whatever the age, we most likely can supply the part you need.

Maybe it is just a set of rolls that need refinishing or a top notch computer controlled precision straightening machine. No matter what your needs are, you can rely on the very best advice and attention from our team of experts.

Turner Machine

We are the straightening experts ... its all we do!!

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April 2014 - New 10-Roll Design Model 912.5 CASAM
Following on from the success with the smaller Model 911.25 10 Roll precision Straightener, we have now extended that design philosophy to the larger Model 912.5.

October 2013 - Supply of Machine For Gun Drill Manufacture
Turner has built and shipped a specially configured machine to the gun drill manufacturing industry.

August 2013 - Turner Ships More 10 Roll Machines To Stainless Industry.
Confidence in Turner from the Stainless Steel tube industry reaches new high as more precision tube straightening machines are shipped to our customers.

December 2012 - New Integrated Straightening Line For Nuclear Industry
Turner has recently shipped a completely integrated straightening line to the Nuclear Industry.

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Tube Straightening Machine - Operating Training
01-01-14 - 12-19-14

6 Roll Straightening Machine Demonstrations
01-01-14 - 10-01-14

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Turner CASAM II Machine
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